• Representing Whistleblowers Nationwide and Around the World

    Representing Individuals who bring qui tam actions under the False Claims Act and related whistleblower laws to expose fraud against the federal and state governments.

    Charlotte • United States • International

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  • Representing Whistleblowers Nationwide and Around the World

    Representing Individuals who bring qui tam actions under the False Claims Act and related whistleblower laws to expose fraud against the federal and state governments.

    Charlotte • United States • International

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Meet the Team

Chet Rabon

“It’s been my honor to represent dozens of whistleblowers bold, brave, and courageous enough to file suit against corporations and persons that cheat the government – and also cheat honest citizens and taxpayers. We are rightfully proud of our successes in this area of the law.”

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Rebecca Freiert

“Choosing to become a whistleblower is not an easy decision for our clients, and the process can be very challenging for them. I am thankful to work with our brave clients and to be in a position to help them shine a light on fraud and misconduct.”

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Anna Pollock

“It is tremendously gratifying to work hard to help courageous individuals try and stop fraud against the government. It is a long and challenging journey for them, and it is our job to support them throughout the process.”

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The Rabon Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to representing whistleblowers in lawsuits under federal and state laws designed to recover taxpayer monies wrongly obtained through fraud on the Government. The Rabon Law Firm is a leading law firm in the United States that concentrates on False Claims Act cases, and cases arising under similar anti-fraud laws.

Headed by attorney Chet Rabon, the firm has successfully represented whistleblowers in cases filed across the country that have returned billions of dollars to the federal and state treasuries. We presently represent whistleblowers in multiple complex fraud cases, and are constantly reviewing potential new whistleblower matters. In addition, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our whistleblower clients who have been fired in violation of the anti-retaliation provisions of the False Claims Act.

Rabon Law Firm is committed and dedicated to our brave clients who step forward to blow the whistle on fraud. We will fight to obtain fair and just compensation for our clients' efforts, and to protect their interests to the fullest extent.


We are driven to achieve success in the cases we accept. To that end, the Rabon Law Firm works in collaboration with Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys and Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) assigned to our cases, federal and state investigators, agents with various federal agencies, the FBI, Defense Department fraud investigation units (including NCIS and DCIS) and others as specific to each FCA matter. Because we have handled dozens of False Claims Act cases all around the United States in over two decades of practicing law in this area, we have many established strong professional relationships with federal and state governmental attorneys and investigators.

We have the experience as well as access to the necessary resources to handle complex, difficult, and substantial False Claims Act cases, and cases under other anti-fraud laws, for recovery of monies due to fraud on the Government and taxpayer. 

We accept whistleblower cases on a contingency fee basis. No contingency fee will be owed by any client unless there is a recovery.

For a free confidential consultation about a potential False Claims Act case, or other potential whistleblower case, please call us or click here to submit your information.

Recent Case Results

  • $700 Million recovered from Reckitt Benckiser under the False Claims Act, plus another $700 Million in criminal fines and penalties Read On

  • $20.3 Million recovered in "Operation Brace Yourself" in DME fraud case Read On

  • $10 Million recovered against NextCare Urgent Care Read On


  • "This law firm is exceptional!" from FCA Relator in Vein Clinic Fraud Case

    This law firm is exceptional!    I was terrified to make the initial communication with them but Chet and Rebecca were very kind, patient and professional with my case, so much so that after my consultation, I was confident this team would be supportive of my case.  Chet informed me of what my ... Read On

  • From a Qui Tam Relator Client...

    “Working with the Rabon Law Firm was a life-changing experience. Chet took a chance on my case and fiercely advocated for what was morally right. At every stage of the case, from the initial filing to the final judgment in my favor, Chet acted ethically and worked tirelessly to seek justice. Work... Read On

  • "The 'Go-To' attorney for False Claims Act Cases..."

    Chet is the “go to” attorney for False Claims Act cases in North Carolina.  Period.  I have co-counseled with Chet on False Claims Act retaliation cases. He matches his expertise in the FCA with a tenaciousness as a litigator, which I've seen translate into faster and larger settlements for his c... Read On

RABON LAW FIRM, PLLC - a leading national firm that pursues qui tam cases under the False Claims Act

We are accomplished trial lawyers who have brought successful FCA cases involving Pharmaceutical and Drug Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Military Contractor Fraud, Small Business Administration (SBA) Fraud, Educational and Grant Fraud, FCA Retaliation Fraud, and cases involving other frauds actionable under the False Claims Act.

Contact us today about your potential case.

Be Bold. Take the First Step now to Stop Fraud.

Fraudsters that cheat the Government – and the taxpayers – harm us all. Whistleblowers who take action to stop fraud are heros. These heros are rewarded when cases are successful.

Whether your case concerns Healthcare Fraud involving Medicare or Medicaid, Pharmaceutical or Pharmacy Fraud, Military Contractor Fraud, General Government Contracting Fraud under GSA, Small Business Fraud, Grant Fraud, Financial or Banking Fraud, or some other sector of government spending, we are here to help you in your effort help stop fraud.

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